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Colin & Jen + being cute as fuck (✿◠‿◠)


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You know what my favorite thing is? Jen’s freaking happy as fucking peach pie grin when she gets to talk about Hook and by extension, working with Colin. Cuz you know what? NO ONE has wanted Emma to find love and happiness more than JMo. She’s been chomping at the bit for all this stuff. She plays closed off Emma so brilliantly, but she’s ALWAYS saying how she wishes Emma has more reasons to smile, to laugh, to just fucking enjoy life, ya know? And now she gets to have that. I mean, drama of course, cuz it’s a TV show, but Emma’s got someone who loves her just like Jen herself does. Someone who would literally do anything to make her smile.

Naturally, it helps that she gets that with someone like Colin who is a great guy and nice and funny and stuff. Makes those long days and endless takes easier to handle. And they get to act out a fairy tale romance on a fairy tale show! How cool is that? Plus, you know, kick ass and stuff.

So yeah, whenever anyone—but especially Colin—start talking about Hook’s love for Emma…Jen’s just like…yep. That’s my girl, Emma, finally getting appreciated for the awesome person she is. Then she proceeds to nettle Colin about it and we all laugh at their silliness (and swoon).

We have the best captains in the world, y’all.


Colin teasing Jen aka these two adorable cuties ♥ [x]

I’d  go  to the  e n d  of the world for  her