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From “fuck-struck” to “love-struck”


~ I made a thing

  • I know we’re all pretty much just waiting for these two to talk to each other without holding anything back, and when it happens, it’s going to be so damn wonderful. It’s happening people, I’m telling you. (◕‿◕✿)

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i want to discuss this and give you all my take on the situation


(gif from happilycaptainswan)

hook rubs his finger over snow’s hand… (so fucking sweet, i know. i can’t get over it, either)

and most people think it’s because he can’t do it to emma because of his hook or it’s some other symbol for captain swan… 


I took it as a sign of empathy if anything. Regina just called Snow a murderer and you can see on Snow’s face just how much guilt she feels from her mistake and Hook can tell because he feels the same right now because of what he did to Ariel, revealed in the previous episode… He knows exactly how heavy the burden of feeling guilty is, so I think Hook wanted to show her a little sign of compassion because he knows how she feels and wanted to comfort her. it’s a little sign of him saying “hey, i know you did something bad, but i know you’re still a good person.. you know what you did was wrong and you feel so much regret but it will be okay” 

"I apologise for my rudeness."

TRUE LOVE CHECKLIST inspired by swanismycaptain [x]